Venue Help

How to use the door entry facilities

Logging In

Use your email address and password to login to the venue door entry systems at

4entry Venue Login

Add to home page

Once you have logged in save your user name and password and add the page to your home screen.

Click here for instructions on adding the page to your home screen.


The first navigation icon at the bottom of the screen is for the scanner.

This should be used when the guest presents you with the 4entry QR code on their mobile phone screen.

4entry guest qr scan

If the QR code is valid and the guest has been located on the system, you will see a confirmation of their name and that their visit has been added to the system.

If you are recording table numbers you will be prompted to add the number at this stage.

4entry scanning


In the event that your guest has previously registered with 4entry, but they are unable to present their QR code, you can use the serach facility to locate them.

Enter their mobile number or email address. If they are found on the system you will be presented with their name which you can verifity with them.

You can then choose to confirm or deny entry

entry guest search4 entry guest search result

Manual Entry

If your guest has not previously registered with 4entry you can manually enter their details using the 'manual entry' function.

Your guest will receive a text and email so that they can verifiy their account for future use if they choose.

Their visit will be recorded on the system as a manual entry.

4entry manual entry